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التجديد وإعادة الشباب

الخطوة الرابعة والأخيرة، والتي لها أهمية كبيرة في تجديد الخلايا لتنعكس على وظائف الأعضاء وعملها بشكل صحي، وفي مركز العناية بالصحة، يتم استخدام علاج الخلايا الجذعية من “زيل-في”، والذي يعد أحد أفضل العلاجات المتقدمة والمتطورة حالياً، ويعرف بعلاج المستقبل، حيث حاز على سمعة كبيرة خلال القرن الـ21 لقدرته الكبيرة في تجديد الخلايا الضعيفة وإعادة الشباب داخل جسم الإنسان، لتعمل بشكل صحي وحيوي.

  • ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus

Cells are the basis of life. When our cells are healthy, our body is healthy. When our cells are youthful, we look and feel young again. The enhanced formula of ZELL-V Platinum Plus Placenta Extract is created using the ZELL-V Tech advanced extraction method to obtain 600mg from 30,000mg of fresh sheep placenta in one single soft gel – giving you a double dose of anti-ageing and allowing you to enjoy excellent health and vitality 24 hours a day.

Produced using cutting-edge Eudragit technology for improved stability, targeted release, and increased effectiveness, the ingredients in ZELL-V Platinum Plus are absorbed by the body within six minutes to immediately kick start the rejuvenation process. Feel energized, revitalized, and ready to go in an instant.

  • ZELL-V Phyto Green

Made from 100% Organic Marine Algae Cell Factors, ZELL-V Phyto Green is packed full of the complete range of nutrients essential for cellular health and vitality – organic antioxidants, organic amino acids, organic fatty acids, organic minerals and organic vitamins. Suitable for people of all ages, ZELL-V Phyto Green promotes cellular detox while nourishing and revitalizing your cells to help you gain a fairer complexion, more energy, greater confidence, better focus and immunity, and an unbeatable feeling of wellbeing.

Cellular therapy is, in essence, the introduction of new and fresh cells into the human body for the purpose of anti-ageing or treating diseases. Cellular therapy preparations are made from fresh cells obtained from tissue from specially bred sheep in a close colony. Upon extraction, these cells are freeze-dried (lyophilized) using a proprietary process, which maintains their biological composition and integrity. At present, we have more than 120 types of cells available.

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